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If you’re like us…

If you’re looking for a HIGH ENERGY, TACTICAL podcast designed to support you through the “shiny objects” of entrepreneurship – we’ve got you covered.

If you routinely have business idea after idea (after idea), but then you FAIL AT KEEPING UP with all-the-things (we’ve all been there), we’ll help you move your ideas forward.

If you’re looking for polished, perfect stories … stop, go find a guru. But if you’re looking for real-world, WHAT’S WORKING RIGHT NOW – lean in.

If you’re sick and tired of FEELING IT’S LONELY at the top and want that ONE SINGLE PLACE filled with driven, high achievers who ‘get you’ – that’s us!

If you want to connect to a PROFIT-DRIVEN COMMUNITY so you can have a sounding board and feel less alone–we’re making space for you.

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